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The focal point of our platform is you – Our Food Partner.
We believe that our food partners’ entire attention should be on what they are passionate about –
Cooking up scrumptious food for their customers!

How HoKitch® works?
How HoKitch® works?

Why Hokitch?

An Eco-system

Built in ordering, payment and delivery platform.


Source packaging material, labels and single use disposables from merchants.

Integrated Platform

Source raw materials from a list of wholesale merchants.


Chefs can focus on what they do best - cook, bake and feed us all the way.

We understand what matters most.

Sourcing Material

Despite the advent of technology in the area of procuring ingredients, it is a challenge to get things conveniently. The time, cost and efforts involved in this process was the prime factor in Home Chefs accepting reduced orders.

Marketing & Promotions

Those who have been in the industry for long, rely mostly on “word-of-mouth” marketing & social media groups to an extent. Most home chefs felt this restricted their marketing to certain communities and more specifically, to areas.

Customer Negotiations

Our survey revealed that a lot of time and effort was spent in negotiating with customers. This was heightened while dealing with fussy customers!

Order Delivery

The challenge of scheduling deliveries, guiding the delivery person to the location for pick up & following up is cumbersome especially when home chefs end up bearing the costs as well.

See our survey results on the challenges faced by Home Chefs.

We got together and looked at how things can be made easy and convenient.

HoKitch® – A One Stop Shop Solution

Buy Your Essentials with Ease

The basic step – purchasing ingredients and raw materials. HoKitch® offers its home chefs exclusive access to popular wholesale suppliers listed on its platform.

Do More that Empowers you

Accept and execute more orders with the time and effort saved. Now enjoy the privilege with greater chances of increased efficiency in production.

Wrap it up with Perfection

Get exclusive access to supply of packaging material for your orders. Have it delivered to you in the comfort of your home!

Broaden your Horizon

Gain recognition without any restriction to areas or communities. Customized to suit convenience, the specially curated & integrated platform provides features of payments and deliveries.

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An extensive market survey conducted with a distinct group of home chefs.

of home chefs utilize social media channels for their marketing.
of them still buy materials personally.
of home chefs use delivery service.
of the home chefs require special packaging but end up using standard disposable packaging.
of home chefs collect payments online.

All home chefs would love to work passionately to turn food into work of art.
The study says that their job is becoming a recipe for exhaustion!