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You play a vital role in empowering our home chefs! While we acknowledge this impeccable service in supplying essentials, we are privileged to be associated with reputed merchants whose contribution to HoKitch’s journey is invaluable. Through our digital platform with a constantly growing family of home chefs, HoKitch® gives you the opportunity to generate more sales.

Why you require Digital Adoption

Declined Human Interaction

Customer behaviors and preferred interactions have changed significantly, and while they will continue to shift, the upward trend in the use of digital services is here to stay.

Retention of customers

With the levels of remote working skyrocketing and most likely to remain higher, Merchants can enhance customer experience through digitalization thus ensuring higher retention of their customers.

Businesses shutting shop

Many restaurants across have shuttered, leaving suppliers without their wholesale clientele. To make up for lost revenue and to keep businesses afloat, suppliers need to pivot to the home delivery market, to a new population - Home Chefs.

Digital Payments gaining popularity

With an evident shift away from paper checks and invoices aligned with WHO’s recommendation of contactless payments, a digital and agile supply chain can help merchants quickly respond to this swiftly changing shopping landscape.

View the stats on how home chefs currently procure ingredients.

Save time & money with streamlined ordering, execution and communication with Home Chefs. Grow Your Business with HoKitch®.

Grow Your Business with HoKitch®.

Increased Clientele

We give our merchant partners prospective business with access to a wide customer base of a continually growing family of over 500 home chefs and counting.

Convenience over price

Enjoy the flexibility of either choosing our delivery integrated service or completing the delivery yourselves.

Your products, Your prices

The product catalogue size and price does not matter. Enjoy the ease of inventory management with an interactive shopping experience, to correspond with your customers directly.

No Subscription Costs

Merchant partners are enlisted at absolutely zero cost. A minimum service fee per transaction is charged by HoKitch® for facilitating an upward tick to your overall sales.

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Buy Supplies themselves by visiting stores.
Shopkeeper/ Supermarkets Deliver to them

In the current situation, chance of more than 50% of the 75% who visit markets,
could switch to sourcing from merchant partners online.