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About Us - Hokitch

Celebrate Every Moment!

Reminisce the time when food nostalgia overwhelmed you with memories, vivid and vague, of people and places from the past. Living in a diverse society, we often end up with an acquired taste for different cuisines. Despite the abundance of choices available today, nothing compares to delicacies prepared in a home kitchen, by an impassioned chef. So be it a healthy meal, a sinfully indulgent meal or a simple gluten-free loaf of bread – HoKitch® will spoil you rotten with choices!

To build a community,
not just a Brand

HoKitch® is here to revolutionize the fast-growing home chef community. Be a part of this community that connects passionate entrepreneurs or what we like to call them – Hometrepreneurs – to food enthusiasts!

More than
just food

HoKitch® – as the name suggests, emphasizes the vital aspect of the entire concept – Home Kitchens. A concept born out of a thought to help home chefs and enhance the experience for their customers, the idea of HoKitch® is to replicate the traditional ordering process into a 360-degree solution.

Edible work of Art;
Made with Love

The intent of a home chef is enhanced with fostering of comfort, providing abundance and an enriched food experience. The ethics of a home kitchen places emphasis on how to efficiently use their resources and ability, to create good food, by staying rooted to traditional recipes.

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw